Personalization for Restaurants

It’s date night, and you guys decide to try a new restaurant you heard just opened a few blocks away. It’s a lovely night, and your partner suggests you walk. You hold hands and laugh as you joke and share stories together. Once at the restaurant, you meet the hostess, and she shows you a spacious booth in the corner. 

The waitress lights a candle and places a menu in front of each of you. You open it and stare for a while. There are four pages, filled front and back. Its design is stunning, but there is a lot to look at. After a time, you ask your partner what they are going to have. They say they aren’t sure yet and ask what you might be having. You go back and forth for a while, then get distracted and start to talk about something else. A few minutes later and the waitress returns. She asks if you are ready to order, and you ask if she has any recommendations. She suggests her favorite dish because that’s the only dish she knows well enough to recommend. Your partner is allergic to eggs and asks if there are any in the entre. The waitress doesn’t know; she says she will ask for you. About 5 minutes later, she returns and tells you the dish does, in fact, have eggs in it.

A couple at diner looking through a menu trying to choose a dish for dinner.

We’ll pause there for now. Have you ever experienced an outing like this? People can experience decision fatigue when faced with a lot of options and no real guidance. These instances can create much stress and usually result in poor decision-making, which can be harmful to people with dietary restrictions.  Do you think your customers are experiencing decision fatigue? 


Now let’s start the story over from after the waitress seats you both and try a new ending.


The waitress lights a candle and points to a card on the table. When you tap your phone to the card, the restaurant’s digital menu opens up within the Palatable app. You have been using Palatable for a while, so the app already knows what flavors you usually like. It knows your partner has an egg allergy. The app suggests a few dishes you are sure to enjoy, and you order in the app before the waitress returns. When she does return, she delivers both of your meals and offers a wine that will make a good pair with the dish you ordered and your tastes. After your meal and some cheeky conversation, you pay in-app with a few taps and walk your date home. 

A couple enjoying their meal and talking instead of staring at a menu.

Although 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, it did help every industry lean into digitization. The beauty of digitization is its capacity to save information. 36% of consumers say they expect to save their payment information in the app, and 39% expect to keep their previous orders and their favorite menu items. But the most elite competitors will use the saved information to create customized offers, suggestions, and combinations. The best performing restaurants post-pandemic will offer enough customization and simplicity to create a personalized experience unique for each customer.



How to Personalize the Restaurant Menu:

The 4 key elements of digitization that allow you to personalize your menu.


  1. Digital Menu: Offering a personalized experience for customers starts with a digital menu. The menu should be detailed with ingredient lists on each dish. 
  2. Searchable Menu: You should make your business searchable using food tagging. When a customer types in an ingredient in the search bar, and the entre with the matching ingredient will be presented. 
  3. Lead identification and personalized profile: You should also collect customer information like phone numbers, emails, or log in and target customers with real-time special offers and menu recommendations. 
  4. Automation and simplicity: With the implementation of online ordering for restaurants, you allow people to customize their orders on their own and pay online with saved payment information.


Palatable makes personalized marketing possible for restaurants. The app has an AI-driven database that collects personal food preferences from its users. When they return to the app and order from Palatable, it knows their name, their favorite flavors and can even guess what they might be in the mood for. Using the customer’s taste profile and your chef’s recommendations, you can upsell your menu and enhance the guest experience with custom orders. Based on the ingredients tagged in your digital menu, food pairings can enhance the flavors of your dishes while remarkably reducing the burden on servers to know the menu well enough to make menu recommendations. As a restaurant owner, you can unlock a new way to reach your customers directly and announce special offers in real-time if you partner with Palatable. 


Palatable is more than a food ordering app. We give our partnered restaurants a direct line of communication with their customers so everyone can feel like a regular.


Give your customers a unique dining experience personalized to their tastes with the Palatable app. Join the Revolution Now