We love food. We love eating out and ordering in.

And we knew we could make the experience better.

Our Founder
Our Founder

Roopak Gupta, is a foodie and

loves to eat out.

He is a vegetarian and loves to

try new cuisines and dishes.

Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration

Create an app that helps people find food they like and motivates them to try new things. Make it remember their favorites, what they don't like, what they're allergic to, and what they should (or shouldn't) be eating due to health reasons. Make it free. Make it fun. Make it easy to use. And make it smarter every time someone uses it. We started with our team of foodies.

We wanted to know where to find foods we craved. We wanted to know what foods would go well together. We wanted an easy way to pinpoint menu items that are gluten free, dairy free, low sodium, etc. We wanted to be able to find that dish we liked at the restaurant we liked quickly. We wanted to be able to do all of that and order from an interactive menu designed to work well online.

And so, Palatable was born. But we didn't stop there. We are entrepreneurs. We build technology. We pay attention to details. We asked other diners what they would like. We asked restaurant owners about services that would help build business, strengthen branding, make operations more efficient, and create customer loyalty.

And then the pandemic hit. We know we have the right model, and the right pricing structure, to help restaurants get back on their feet.

We will grow as you grow. With our technology, our love of food, and our ability to respond to market needs in real time, we are excited about the possibilities. You should be, too!