Menu Recommendations

But the problem is:

Menu Recommendations

It requires a lot of server training.

Loading Time

Your server has time to share only so much details.

Dish Recommendation

Your server doesn’t know every customer, so may not end up recommending the right dish.

Menu Recommendations

It’s hard to offer personalized menu recommendations.

Allergies And Food Preferences

Taking into account allergies, previous dining history, food preferences etc.

Palatable is a respite for your servers & delight for your customers.

The app takes into account previous customer history & preferences while recommending menu dishes. It offers the consumer full detail on the dish as well as the ingredients.

Menu Suggestion
AI Based Food Recommendations

AI based food recommendations

It offers proper food tagging to assist health-conscious people, especially people with allergies and specific diet preferences.

It also uses an AI-based system for food pairing and recommendations.

How Palatable Is helping restaurants with menu recommendations?

Reduce Server Time

Reduce server time

Better Upselling

Better upselling

Increased Order Size

Increased order size

Share Knowledge With Customer

Share more detail & knowledge to customer

Increased trust & credibility

Increased trust & credibility

Positive Customer Service

Improved customer service

Menu Recommendations


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