A restaurant employee wearing PPE and taking orders on a tablet.

According to the CDC, restaurants should avoid using any items that are reusable, such as menus, condiments, and any other food containers. Instead, you should make use of disposable or digital menus, single-serving condiments, and no-touch trash cans and doors.

More than 300 million smartphone users in the U.S. next year

Today is the best time to leverage the digital restaurant ecosystem, as part of your restaurant technology, completely managed by Palatable Pro.

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Without Digital Menu For Restaurants...

Extremely Busy Phone Lines

  1. Online food delivery services got a boost in 2021 as a result of undertaken measures including social distancing, as per the Coronavirus pandemic guidelines, increasing its market share from 10% to 14%. Stats Source
  2. However, ordering food online is not a quick experience. You may have experienced busy phone lines and the restaurant owners always seem to be in a hurry, trying to place an order as quickly as possible.
  3. Ordering food by phone feels like writing a letter. Apart from all the hurry, you need to know about the specials and if there's a great deal on your favorite Shawarma! Then, you need to wait a while to confirm your order, if it's really Shawarma you want to eat tonight! Finally, you place the order by specifying the timings and method of delivery.
  4. It's laboring for you as well as for the restaurant owner, who's obviously half-listening all the time. The person on the other side of the phone might be wrapping plasticware or placing even more orders simultaneously over the other line. In other cases, it may sometimes be too late to call.
  5. You need a comprehensive digital menu for your restaurant to overcome this challenge!

Overburdened Receptionists

  1. The lack of presence of mind is due to lack of human resources. Restaurants have to make do with limited personnel, living in the city. Majority of people have either left the city to visit their hometown or have moved to a different location, owing to the pandemic. The individuals who stayed back have to perform different simultaneous functions, such as placing orders, taking care of sanitation across the kitchen, delivery area and other spaces.
  2. There are just too many orders to manage at any particular given time. Many families and individuals choose to order food online by phone for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Restaurant food has become a staple for many people during the pandemic. This adds increased burden on receptionists trying to manage the orders.
  3. Restaurant owners not only have to manage orders but they also have to take care of hygiene and sanitation needs. Contactless delivery, safe packaging, disposable utensils are responsibilities of the restaurants. These mandates are managed by the government policies and failure to do so can prove harmful for your restaurant business.

How Does Digital Menu Help You?

Quick Real Time Updates to Deals & Specials

  1. Digital menus for restaurants make it extremely easy for you to quickly update deals, specials and other menus without waiting for printing, logistics and installation.
  2. Using Palatable Pros unique AI-driven personalized food recommendation system that looks after your allergies and diet, your digital menu can cater to every customer uniquely.
  3. You can push menu updates to multiple locations within minutes, ensuring the same visual consistency of your restaurant brand.
  4. Any update made by you gets pushed to the app used by your customers in real-time. Your last-minute ingredient change, menu updations and price changes will be immediately seen by your customers, and acted upon!
  5. Say, if the supply chain was disrupted and you ran out of potatoes, you could easily swipe anything that had potatoes to clear it from your digital menus.
  6. Every word in your menu item title and description is completely searchable on our platform. Any customer searching for a 'Keto-based lunch' will find your dish, just like a Google search!

Give Your Customers Nutritious Diet

  1. A study by Harvard states that your meal should include 50% of veggies and fruits, and the other 50% of grains and proteins. Thus, pairing a mushroom gravy with a side of greens is a great way to promote a nutritious diet!
  2. Also, a comprehensive digital menu for restaurants helps you ensure brand consistency and compliance with brand regulations on nutrition, allergies and dietary information.
  3. People reading detailed menu descriptions are more likely to place an order. So, you have to mention specific menu details that you're offering with the dish. Some pointers may include
    1. The benefits of the dish for the particular customer
    2. Allergy-free menu for the customer
    3. Customization-enabled menu for the customer's personal taste
  4. We know that 20 percent of the dishes get ordered 80 percent of the time. Thus, many food ingredients get spoilt. That's why our digital menu helps restaurants manage their menus better by monitoring the stock, upto each ingredient. So, you always provide the best nutritious food to your customers, without facing any losses.

New-Normal Dining Experience

  1. A digital menu allows customers to go-through the menu and pre-order any dish. So, once the customer is seated, the food can arrive within a few minutes. The catch in saving time is that now you can seat not 2 but 4 people in the same 30 mins. Alternate seating tables have already hampered the revenue for restaurants. Using a digital menu, you can increase your revenue while following all the necessary guidelines of government policies.
  2. A menu card changes hands most frequently. At a time when the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for more than 3 hours, it's not possible to ensure that the menu card is sanitized every time it changes hands. Thus, you need a digital menu to provide a smooth new-normal dining experience!

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