What are the Best Practices for restaurant websites post-pandemic?

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced restaurants to pivot and adapt their process to better suit the times. The vital job that your eatery is doing for your community ought to be known. Digital marketing can help your business during circumstances such as the present. 


Today, you have an incredible chance to reach new customers and gain a few new regulars. As individuals keep on working at home, they're spending more hours on their PCs and phones. That means there are more eyes for you to discover your business. So how might you kick off your advertising endeavors and drive more income? It begins with your restaurant website.

What are the best practices for restaurant websites post-pandemic

Does Your Restaurant Need A Website? 

If you haven’t already started, right now is the best time to market your restaurant online. Everyone is on social media, email, and websites looking to support their local restaurants and order food online. Your website can keep your customers informed on what’s on the menu, adjusted hours, how to order, and how they will receive their order. A great restaurant website will keep everyone up to date about your restaurant.

Two restaurant employees using the restaurant website on a tablet

What Makes A Good Restaurant Website? 

Here’s how to design a restaurant website in 2021:


  1. Feature Content that Counts: Good restaurant websites have content that brings value to the customer. A user should find a menu, location, event information, make a reservation, and use primary contact information. Also, integrate the content into your website instead of using PDFs which will hurt your SEO ranking. 
  2. Lean into e-commerce: Off-premise sales opportunities promise high margins. Restaurant websites that offer catering can drive conversions through online food ordering or utilize online request structures to gather and oversee user demand.
  3. Construct Visual Appeal: Make a good impression with a clean website design. Have your website represent your brand, so you are more identifiable. Good photography to display foods and products can help customers make a well-informed decision to order from your restaurant or not. Also, high-quality images boost your site’s SEO power. 

A Restaurant owner using her Restaurant website

How to Create a Restaurant Website in 2021

Here are a few actionable steps you can take to optimize your restaurant website during these times. 

  1. Check the responsiveness of your website: Does your website run well on mobile as well as desktop? Are your current hours clear? Are your menus easily accessible and up to date?
  2. Use chatbots, headers, or alerts to communicate: Restaurant chatbots can be a great tool to automate customer service. You could also collect email and phone numbers to send signals about upcoming events or order status. Your website headers and banners are also a great place to catch attention. 
  3. Funnel traffic to place an order: The Place an Order button is where you want your audience to end up, but how many clicks does it take them to get there? The steps to get to the final click are essential to plan out because they determine the user journey experience. Use hyperlinks, Call to action, and buttons to drive traffic where you want it to go. 
  4. Set up Google My Business: Ensure you integrate with Google My Business to make your business search engine friendly. Keep your listing up to date with hours, posts, and contact information.
  5. SEO-optimize your website: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a method of planning your site's content with a strategy in mind so that web crawlers, like Google, will display your website as a top search result.
  6. Advertise a Real-time digital menu: The first step for a Restaurant to real success online is a Great Digital Menu. Include good photography and complete descriptions including ingredients. If you utilize food tagging, you can make your menu searchable.
  7. Offer Online food ordering: The pandemic has accelerated our journey, but we were always headed to a more contactless approach to food ordering. If a restaurant wants to survive in the near future, it will need to utilize some sort of online ordering system. Paltable’s initiative is to partner with restaurants in getting them online as smoothly as possible, without any per order fees. To go you started we created this Ultimate Guide to Online Ordering for Restaurants


Optimizing a website for your restaurant will ensure your business continues to succeed during the worst of times. Contact Us to learn more about optimizing your website to drive online orders or email our head of sales, Tim, at tim@palatable.app